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Proper Ventilation And Air Circulation For False Ceiling With Best Fan

Best Alternative for Ceiling Fan: Mostly, traditional ceiling-mounted false fans use for rooms, but that seems old-fashioned. With time and technology development, many variants of air mover devices came into the market. Living rooms need fresh air that supports healthy living. The introduction of a drop ceiling made way for an interior fan that can easily fit in the ceiling tiles.

False Fan by Super Asia is made of a rigid plastic body and motor fan winding with pure 99.9% copper. Extremely easy to install with clipping cover, thin body, and lightweight. Our designed Ceiling Fan creates more significant airflow with maximum speed and multi-blade. It looks like a part of interior decoration. Removes dirt and odor with greater air rotation and promotes a healthy environment. Use it with an air conditioner in summers that lessen the burden and energy consumption and provide cool air throughout your room. Available in various colors, you can choose it according to your room’s paint color.

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